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 10 cara tuk tinggalkn gf anda yg merimaskn tu

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PostSubject: 10 cara tuk tinggalkn gf anda yg merimaskn tu   2008-11-12, 10:57

Hang out with her girlfriends: Most women are highly competitive when it comes to other women. Once you bring her girlfriends into the picture, you will surely get dumped. If you want to speed up the process, compliment her friends in front of her.

Let yourself go: Stop taking care of yourself. Say 'No' to deodorants, bathing and shaving, and 'Yes' to burping and farting. Be sure, she will be out of your life in less than a week. What's more she might even buy you a deodorant.

Be a bad date: Stop taking her out. Instead, stay at home, play video games, watch a cricket match or some violent movie on TV. Or, call up friends and talk for hours. Within a month if she says goodbye, don't be surprised.

Become what women 'want': Give her what she wants but just overdo it. Become so caring, so sweet, so nice, that she starts getting suspicious. And start doubting every move of yours.

Bring out the kink: Do not cuddle after you make love, become selfish and bring out all the kinky stuff. She will run miles away from you.

Pick stupid fights: Start fighting with her over trivial issues and if she complains, tell her to stop nagging.

Start the talk: Give her hints the way women do. Tell her that you don't think this relationship is going anywhere. Sigh often and ask her, "Do you really think this is working?"

Compare her to your mother: That's something all girls hate. Everytime she prepares a meal for you, tell her how your mom made it so much better. Or, how she is not as good as your mom in keeping the house tidy.

Utter the f-word: Well, we mean fat. Tell her how fat she ha become. For better results, compare her to other women, maybe your attractive colleague.

Cheat on her: The last step. If none of the above has worked, then, and only then, go for this one. Cheat on her. But just cheating is not enough, make sure she catches you while you are in the act.
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10 cara tuk tinggalkn gf anda yg merimaskn tu
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